Rainbow Crayon Wall Art! Simple, Fast, Easy!

This funky piece of art is an easy and fast way to add color to any space, once done, it will add style and show-case your creativity to the world! Here is what you will need:

Once you’ve got all your supplies, spread the old towel or old table cloth out on the ground. Glue the crayons one -by-one in any design/order you want, give the glue about 5 minutes to set and dry. After that, plug in the blow dryer and turn it to the highest setting. Prop up your canvas at any angle and hold the blow dryer close to the crayons. Then begin to slowly move the blow dryer over all of the crayons. Slowly the wax will begin to melt and drip.
Once all the crayons are melted, leave the canvas propped up for about 20 minutes to let the crayons finish dripping and drying. Once the crayons are good and dry, you can hang your new piece of wall art for everyone to enjoy! 🙂
(Always remember, BE CREATIVE! The crayons can be glued in any design and tilted at any angle, so go nuts and have FUN!)

Old Hubcap Turned Cool Wall Art!

I found an old hubcap at Goodwill the other day and loved the way the wiring on it was, it looked abstract and just awesome, now it was old and slightly rusted. So a good coat of paint was called for. I started of painting it white with a 2 in 1 paint and primer in semi-gloss.

I used just a regular paint brush to get into all the cracks and crevasses. one thick coat was all it took, i used a hair dryer on high to speed up the drying process. After I was sure it was dry, I took some light blue acrylic and began to paint the rim and center octagon.

Acrylic drys pretty fast, so there was no need for the hair dryer this time. I put touch ups, here and there, to make sure everything looked nicely even and sleek. Once I was done, I put a simple nail in the wall and it hung perfectly thanks to the metal ledge on the back. 🙂

 Here it is finished! 

Light Up A Room…IN STYLE!

 So one of the secrets to having an awesomely fabulous room is Lighting. Well placed lighting can make a room look 10x larger than it actually is! But lighting doesn’t have to drab, it can be a focal point and something that can bring the whole room together. But lets face it, the high fashion lampshades, the ones we all really want, are EXPENSIVE! So why not just create your own? Pendant lampshades, like the ones above, can be purchased cheaply at goodwill for around $7 – $10.  These lampshades will typically be plain or have an outdated print. Once you’ve got you’re lampshade in hand, next comes the Supplies. Head over to your local hardware store and they will be happy to help you find exactly what you need!



2)Wallpaper (your choice of course)

     4) Elmer’s Glue3) Paint Brush

5) Electrical Tape, your choice of color.

6) Scissors

First, roll out you wallpaper and lay your old drab lampshade on it’s side and measure from top to bottom, making a mark at each point. Then cut a long strip, keeping the width even. You could use a tape-measurer, but why spend the extra money if you don’t have one? You can wing it. I always over cut the strip, better to have too much, than too little. Next, take your glue poor some of it into a cup or disposable container. Grab the paint brush, and cover the lampshade with a nice layer of glue. (be sure to put a cover down for your floor!) Slowly begin to cover the lampshade with the wallpaper. Going slow and periodically smoothing, will keep out the air bubbles and create a professional look. After that’s done, let it dry.

Once dry, the edges will look a little unfinished, so for a truly professional look, use that electrical tape you bought earlier to cover the edges, this will really give this lampshade some pop! And Wala! Now you’re done! A beautiful lampshade to go with your great decor! 😀

TV Stand Makeover! Modern Made Easy.

Now if you ever browse Craigslist, you will see a TON of these TV Stands for very low prices. Many people find them out-dated or just old, but that “old” “outdated” TV Stand can become a very chic and modern nightstand with just a few steps very simple steps.

First, replace the wheels with short wooden legs, the legs can be elegant and eye-catching or sleek and modern it all depends on what style you’re going for. Once the wheels are gone, and the legs are in place, its time to Prime to piece! Priming is essential with pieces like this, otherwise, the first coat of paint you put down will peel right off. So Prime, prime, prime! 😀

Once the primer is dry, you can use a roller paint brush or spray paint to put you last two coats on. I prefer the rollor, because I tend to be a trigger-happy spray painter and can never seem to get an even coat. (^_^)”

Now lets add some extra style to this piece via wallpaper and new handles! Gluing wallpaper on the front doors of this old TV stand, will give it more of a specified style. By adding new more updated pulls to the front doors, we’ll give this piece an instant update.

The wallpaper pattern is completely up to you, go modern, go vintage, whatever fits you best! You can attach the wallpaper by taking Elmer’s white glue, watering it down a bit. Paint the front of the doors with the watery glue and cut and paste the wallpaper on. After you’ve glued on the wallpaper, put several more coats of the watery glue over the top of the wallpaper (it will dry clear) this will seal it and will make it resistant to damage. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re going to have a note-worthy night stand that deserves to be bragged about! 

Make The Purrrfect Climbing Wall, For You Purrrfect Pet!

It’s time for those beautiful kitties of yours to be given the credit they deserve!

Building cat shelves is an easy way to not only provide your cats with lots entertainment, but to also free up space on your floor if you live in a smaller house or apartment. The trick to building cat shelves is to make sure that you have the proper brackets. Strong and sturdy brackets will be the best choice for this project, these Ikea brackets (Bjarnum) are purrrfect!
Take you choice of shelves (Ikea Jarpen were used here) and cut them to size, depending on your budget you can try gluing a kitchen cabinet liner or carpeting on top of the shelves, this will ensure your feline friends will be able to gain the proper footing when jumping from one shelf to another. Spacing is an important part of this cat-tastic project. Make sure your cats are able to easily jump from one shelf to another without too much effort. Having a bunch of smaller shelves spaced in a zig-zag pattern going up the wall and ending at a larger shelf is the most efficient way to add as many shelves as possible in a small amount of space. A great idea is to leave the largest shelf free of carpeting and instead place a cat bed on it. Be sure however, before placing the cat bed, the you velcro the underside of the bed and the topside of the shelf so that they adhere together, this way your cat’s cozy bed stays put. even when it’s jumped into. If you want to add an extra ‘pop’ to this project, paint the shelves a fun, vibrant color. Your cats aren’t only going to love their new place to play, but love their purrrfect owner who put in the time and effort to make them so happy!
Brackets – Bjarnum               Shelves – Jarpen     

Old End Table into Chic Dog Bed!

I have always loved upcycling, and furniture modification. And nothing makes me happier than taking an old, out-dated piece of furniture and turning it into something chic and modern. Today I’m going to show you how to turn an old end table into a modern dog bed.

First, you are going to need an old end table, so hit up craigslist or goodwill and start the browsing, I often find it may take a while, but eventually the perfect piece of furniture at the perfect price will find its way on the market. Here’s a good example: This baby cost only $5.00 at a garage sale!

Next, take the doors off the frame and patch up any holes so you have a nice smooth surface to work with. This next step is very important, PRIME, priming will ensure your final two coats won’t scratch off! Nothing is more of a pain than having to strip a piece of furniture you just painted!


Now, for the primer you can use spray paint or a paint roller to get a nice even coat all over the piece, I prefer paint roller because I’m a sloppy spray painter and can never seem to get an even coat. You can use spray paint or a paint roller for the final two coats of paint as well. And last but not least, add the accessories! A nice comfy pillow for you dog to chill on and maybe a toy or two, and TADA! Upcycling and Funiture Modification at it’s best!